Announcing the Redmond Startup Weekend for BizSpark Devs


Startup Weekend and the Microsoft BizSpark team are excited to announce a special event at Microsoft headquarters (building 33) in Redmond on August 28th-30th.

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event bringing brilliant minds (entrepreneurs, VCs, developers, designers, marketers, lawyers etc.) together to create a company (or as many as companies as the participants decide) from concept to launch!  Interactivity and forging positive, value-added relationships is the core philosophy of a Startup Weekend.   Each Startup Weekend is organized and sponsored by people and companies from the local community.

Microsoft experts will be present to will provide support for developers building applications on Silverlight, Windows 7 and Azure. We will have other experts in the startup community speaking as well.

All WA BizSpark developers and entrepreneurs are invited to participate.  All Eastside and Westside communities are also invited no matter what your technical background to come get down and dirty Startup Weekend style with some of the most prominent names in the Northwest.  

Get connected with local developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Build Community. Start companies. No Talk. All Action!

Tickets are going fast! Get yours here:


3 responses to “Announcing the Redmond Startup Weekend for BizSpark Devs

  1. So cool you’re doing this! I’m stoked to go!!!

  2. Awesome! I am planning to be there.

  3. it’s just for WAshinton bizspark members?

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