Introducing WebsiteSpark 1.0

As you know, Microsoft launched the program BizSpark for Startups and ISVs 10 months ago, and this program has been a very surprising success (more than 20 000 startups signed, including the last 2 winners of techcrunch50 and 8 finalists of the last Seedcamp edition). The Microsoft platform is a very popular stack right now among software entrepreneurs and this is just the beginning, imho. Try ‘BizSpark’ on twitter search and you’ll understand what I mean.

Inspired by the success of BizSpark with startups and by the fact that the community of network partners and hosters we gathered for BizSpark was our best ally to help young companies to grow, we are launching today a BizSpark-like program, for web agencies and web development shops. That program is called WebsiteSpark and If you liked BizSpark, you will love WebsiteSpark.

You’ll find more info here, but basically, WebsiteSpark offers all the tools and the server platforms to help innovative web developers to ship killer websites with technologies like .net, silverlight, IIs7, Php on windows, etc…

We are launching this with partners like, Peer1, Gogrid, 1:1, Aruba, Bitrix, and some of the best hosters in the world who are offering Windows at a cost lower than linux’s. It’s not a Microsoft program; it’s a community driven program. We partnered with a lot of Php association around the world for that launch.

If you build websites for a living and if you have less than 10 employees, you can join the program right now on , you can also sign up via our global launch partner, here

I started working on this new initiative in January, with a team of crazy people, and now, I am going to take some rest and play squash.

Enjoy this new program and let me know what you like or hate about it.

Scott has a very complete post about it on his blog




One response to “Introducing WebsiteSpark 1.0

  1. This program sounds awesome, glad the BizPark initiative is so successful! All the best for the new one!

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