Releasing the Kelbook, for free, on Frenchweb

5 years after its release, I’m very happy to offer the Kelbook  a second life: free and online. The Kelbook is a book we published with Pearson in 2005, it basically tells’s success-story, from the INRIA research Labs to the half-a-billion acquisition by Yahoo. The great story of computer science nerds who became successful internet entrepreneurs, importing the pay-per-lead business model in Europe, thanks to a great piece of technology invented at the INRIA.

Cyrille (aka @Vinvin) and I spent a full year working on that book. Meeting amazing people across all of Europe. 

It represents a lot to me and I’m glad we can share this with as many entrepreneurs/developers as possible.

You can now read the book on your PC, your phone, your Kindle, your iPad, etc.. anything that can read PDFs.

I hope you’ll find inspiration… get the kelbook here, thanks to Frenchweb.


One response to “Releasing the Kelbook, for free, on Frenchweb

  1. Thanks! It would be even better if we could have it in a .mobi or .epub format 🙂 Easier to read on kindle like devices!

    And congrats for your job at Facebook!

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