Some news

Now that  @loic has published my official obituary, I can only confirm that I’ll be joining Facebook next month. (and  I’m thrilled about that).

I don’t want to write about that right now, I’m still  happy Microsoft employee    and I have a lot of things to do before leaving, in 3 weeks. ( including the Failconf, the techdays, etc..).

Last month, I started writing a very long post to express my gratitude to the people who hired me and helped  me to learn and grow at Microsoft. To name a few: Marc Jalabert, Cliff Reeves, Eric Boustouller and Dan’l Lewin.

I only have great things to say about that company  (and the people I’ve worked for/with) and I’ll publish that later.

PS: You’ve certainly seen some idiots who left Microsoft  and then started , almost overnight, praising the competition…. this is not gonna happen here Winking smile


10 responses to “Some news

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  2. Beau challenge, bon vent pour la suite Julien !

  3. Congratulations Julien ! I wish you a lot of Fun @ Facebook !

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  5. Un joli parcours chez Microsoft, et le début d’une belle nouvelle aventure. Eclate toi bien (car le boulot, c’est pas juste pour manger).

  6. congrats. tu quittes une belle boite pour entrer dans une belle boite. que du beau donc. bravo. et peut etre bientôt BizBook ? 🙂

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  8. Do not forget to use 1-800- COLLECT
    Mr. T will personnaly thank you or else…

  9. Good luck to you in your new venture. I’ve been given to work with Cliff as well, great person. Classy exit if yours.

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