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Best quote from the Bill Gates Playboy Interview (1994)

PLAYBOY: Is it true that  that you supposedly paid $242  for a pizza to be delivered one night.
GATES: That is just reporter’s randomness to the max.

Read it here. Inspiring and sometimes hilarious. Billg at his best.

Quote of the day

“When we were at Netscape, John Doerr introduced us to the CEO of AT&T. That’s great, but he’s not buying a Web server. If you have no relationship at that level, it’s not as powerful, so we invest a lot in that.” Ben Horowitz (software entrepreneur, VC, and valuable blogger)

Why Andreessen Horowitz Models Itself After A Hollywood Talent Agency


Some news

Now that  @loic has published my official obituary, I can only confirm that I’ll be joining Facebook next month. (and  I’m thrilled about that).

I don’t want to write about that right now, I’m still  happy Microsoft employee    and I have a lot of things to do before leaving, in 3 weeks. ( including the Failconf, the techdays, etc..).

Last month, I started writing a very long post to express my gratitude to the people who hired me and helped  me to learn and grow at Microsoft. To name a few: Marc Jalabert, Cliff Reeves, Eric Boustouller and Dan’l Lewin.

I only have great things to say about that company  (and the people I’ve worked for/with) and I’ll publish that later.

PS: You’ve certainly seen some idiots who left Microsoft  and then started , almost overnight, praising the competition…. this is not gonna happen here Winking smile