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Look what I just received from AMZN


Straight from the 80’s. Insane interviews of those who were the greatest coders in the world, at that time. Inspiring.


“When you put a software guy on an energy project he turns it into a software project” Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold is one of the geniuses that made Microsoft.

Check our this very interesting interview by GiGaOm.

More generally, I’d say that when you put a software guy on ANY project, he turns it into a software project, and that’s the beauty of the software industry.

Introducing WebsiteSpark 1.0

As you know, Microsoft launched the program BizSpark for Startups and ISVs 10 months ago, and this program has been a very surprising success (more than 20 000 startups signed, including the last 2 winners of techcrunch50 and 8 finalists of the last Seedcamp edition). The Microsoft platform is a very popular stack right now among software entrepreneurs and this is just the beginning, imho. Try ‘BizSpark’ on twitter search and you’ll understand what I mean.

Inspired by the success of BizSpark with startups and by the fact that the community of network partners and hosters we gathered for BizSpark was our best ally to help young companies to grow, we are launching today a BizSpark-like program, for web agencies and web development shops. That program is called WebsiteSpark and If you liked BizSpark, you will love WebsiteSpark.

You’ll find more info here, but basically, WebsiteSpark offers all the tools and the server platforms to help innovative web developers to ship killer websites with technologies like .net, silverlight, IIs7, Php on windows, etc…

We are launching this with partners like, Peer1, Gogrid, 1:1, Aruba, Bitrix, and some of the best hosters in the world who are offering Windows at a cost lower than linux’s. It’s not a Microsoft program; it’s a community driven program. We partnered with a lot of Php association around the world for that launch.

If you build websites for a living and if you have less than 10 employees, you can join the program right now on , you can also sign up via our global launch partner, here

I started working on this new initiative in January, with a team of crazy people, and now, I am going to take some rest and play squash.

Enjoy this new program and let me know what you like or hate about it.

Scott has a very complete post about it on his blog



Announcing the Redmond Startup Weekend for BizSpark Devs


Startup Weekend and the Microsoft BizSpark team are excited to announce a special event at Microsoft headquarters (building 33) in Redmond on August 28th-30th.

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event bringing brilliant minds (entrepreneurs, VCs, developers, designers, marketers, lawyers etc.) together to create a company (or as many as companies as the participants decide) from concept to launch!  Interactivity and forging positive, value-added relationships is the core philosophy of a Startup Weekend.   Each Startup Weekend is organized and sponsored by people and companies from the local community.

Microsoft experts will be present to will provide support for developers building applications on Silverlight, Windows 7 and Azure. We will have other experts in the startup community speaking as well.

All WA BizSpark developers and entrepreneurs are invited to participate.  All Eastside and Westside communities are also invited no matter what your technical background to come get down and dirty Startup Weekend style with some of the most prominent names in the Northwest.  

Get connected with local developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Build Community. Start companies. No Talk. All Action!

Tickets are going fast! Get yours here:

15 000 Startups can’t be wrong


Microsoft BizSpark: Already 12 000 software startups served!

Six months ago, Microsoft announced the availability of a new global program for Startups called Microsoft BizSpark.  

Today, as we celebrate the program’s 6-months, we are pleased to announce that more than 12,000 Startups have already joined BizSpark.


BizSpark is available in 82 countries around the world, and, interestingly enough, we’ve seen significant uptake in countries like Brazil, Russia, China and India (4 out of the top 6 countries in terms of enrollment). BizSpark is fulfilling unmet demand for tools and technologies and we are seeing an increasing number of startups in these markets with high potential software industries.

The majority of these startups have joined the program through one of over 1300 Network Partners around the world. Network Partners are investors, incubators, user groups, advisors and organizations who provide programs and mentoring and uniquely know the Startup Community. Some of the active network partners are Seedcamp,, 47hats, TiE, SoftLine, Senac Sao Paulo, Mashable,, China Business Angel Network, etc. We are very proud to partner with such high profile organizations.

BizSpark hosting partners like RackSpace, Peer1, GoGrid or Navisite, are also significantly driving enrollments and helping startups to get hosting service with a significant discount.   The List of BizSpark hosting partners keep growing and we recently announced that GoDaddy just joined the program.

BizSpark is designed to help accelerate the success of early stage software startups by providing entrepreneurs fast and easy access to software, support and visibility.

BizSpark includes current, full-featured Microsoft development tools and platforms to build apps (like Visual Studio and Expressions) and production licenses of server products to host them (like Windows Server and SQL Server), with no upfront costs and minimal requirements. BizSpark does not require exclusivity and many Open Source ISVs are leveraging BizSpark to test the interoperability of their applications.

Last week, we added Microsoft Robotics Studio and the CRR/DDS toolkit to the list of available products, and since the 30th of April, BizSpark startups can now download Win7 to ensure application compatibility.  Recently, we also added, for early adopters, unlimited email support, online trainings and invitations to local technical events to help entrepreneurs building rock-solid software innovations.

The 12,000 participating companies span a variety of industries including Social networks, SaaS, healthcare, education, mobility, entertainment, finance and more.  These startups are successfully building and innovating on the Windows Platform, and include some well know names: ZocDoc, Tweba, SquareClock, Eduify, StackOverflow, Sobees, MixedinKey, Develomatic, Curse.

In addition, over 1700 Startups have profiled themselves on the
BizSparkDB, the online startup directory on Microsoft Startup Zone, where we promote
the Startup of the Day and try to connect startups and potential clients and investors.

Here’s what we’re hearing about BizSpark:


  • Just enabled my MSDN BizSpark subscription. The list of available software is incredible; I’m like a kid in Willy Wonka’s software Factory.”    @jdrumgoole
    on Twitter


  • “BizSpark is the right program, at the right time for software entrepreneurs like us.”      Vincent Picou, CEO, SquareClock


  • We were chosen by Microsoft as their Startup of the Day. We were also sponsored into their BizSpark program which is resulting in huge cost savings and networking opportunities for us.” Jason Milgram, CEO/CTO Founder, Linxter


For more information about BizSpark, or if you want to join, visit or email us at You can also follow BizSpark on twitter.







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