Seems like 3 moths after the launch, there is a huge  momentum on BizSpark.

This recent  post explains the program very well, check out the comments to  see what entrepreneurs think about it.

I don’t know what’s going on with Bizspark on Twitter, but twitter seems on fire


if you’re creating a startup, and you want to give it a try,  I can send you invitation codes, just leave a comment.  If you re looking for more than software and need mentorship, support or advises from experts, you can join he program through one of our Network Partners ( like bob walsh from, the ASP or IFJ in Switzerland,..) . We teamed up with hundreds of partners who can help startups to go big. the best of the best.

We recruit a LOT of startups every day, and as everybody know, the most successful startups are on the MS stack (and VCs love it) ,  feel free to join and try.

By the way, the french startup Lokad is the startup of the day on the BizSparkDB.


Xmas 08 Running Mix Part 1

it’s been a long time.

Here’s a 30 minutes Mix for all the Xmas Joggers.


Click HERE to Get it.


Timbaland: Miscommunication
MSTRKRFT: Easy love
Annie : HeartBeat (braxe remix)
Braxe and Kris Menace: LumberJack
Boyz Noise: Tv On/Off
Jesse & crabbe : Council
Dj Medhi: Signatune (bangalter Remix)
Falke: Golden Cage
Friendly Fires [ft. Au Revoir Simone]: "Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

LadyHawke: Back of the Van (falke remix)
Sedat: Universal Lover
Falke & Braxe: you ll stay in my Heart

Introducing Microsoft Bizspark


I have been waiting for this post for a long time… 5 months ago, I moved to Seattle with wife and kid, after 3 years at MS France, to join a great team and launch a new initiative from Microsoft called BizSpark, a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage software Startup



This is a new partner program for startups, available today in 82 countries. In a nutshell, Startups generating less than 1m$ and younger than 3 years can get, right now:


Development tools for their whole dev teams: VS08, TFS, etc..

Unlimited production licenses of server products: Windows server 2008, SQL Server 2008, MOSS, Exchange, CRM, Biztalk, etc..

– Access to Azure’s CTP and other Live Services


– Professional technical support from Microsoft, including MSDN Subscriptions

– Community Support from ‘network Partners’


– Each startup will be able to create a company profile on (a place where potential investors, clients, partners look for opportunities, wwde)

– Every day, Microsoft will highlight the Startup of the day, the most innovative and promising company that we have identified in the world that day.

There is no upfront cost, startups only have to pay 100$ at graduation, after 3 years. No commitment. Startups can leave the program anytime.



Concretely, it means that any early stage startups (as defined below) can get the latest dev tools from Microsoft, and build Software applications on our server platforms and make a living out of it, grow as big as possible, without paying any software fee. For 3 years. After 3 years, for an ISV, the cost of software represents less than 10 % of the datacenter/hosting costs. It s not significant.

We have also signed up hosters, in 82 countries, who will host ‘BizSpark startups apps’ without charging them for the software fees.

Startups get access to BizSpark either through a Network Partner (e.g. TiE, NVCA, select Venture Capitalists, and over 300+ entrepreneurial-focused organizations with a strong track record at helping young and promising technology companies success)  or through Microsoft BizSpark Program Leads (called “BizSpark Champs”). Startups can find both at

In the US, partners like TechStars, KPCB, Angel Capital Association or the European Business Angel Network are on board with us. In france, we have Inria transfert, the incubator of the French ENST, Altaide, Banexi ventures, the French Software Business angels Associations, Olivier Ezratty, l’IE Club and many others

BizSpark is the result of seven years spent getting feedbacks from ISVs, startups and competitive ISVs through the IDEES and Startup Accelerator programs. This is something that early stage software companies have been expecting for a long time. We believe it’s the right program, at the right time and we hope this will boost software entrepreneurship and ultimately, bring new innovative software solutions on the market.


A partner of mine called it the ‘Rolls Royce ‘of software development, and the must-have kit for any software entrepreneur. Successful internet companies and ISVs like Myspace, Loopt, Jajah,, ZocDoc, Xobni, OpenTable or Inspirational Stores, Criteo, Dismoiou, Excentive, Miyowa, brainsonic in france.. Built their businesses on our platforms. Starting today, small companies and garage-style startups can get the same tools than the big guys.

This is a very generous package, without any comparison in the industry, offering software AND technical/marketing support for software entrepreneurs, with the support of a huge community of experts.

If you want to join as a startup or a network partner, please visit or send me an email/leave a comment

Check out who’s the startup of the day and profile your company on, if you want to be highlighted too, write to

Follow us on twitter and Facebook

We’ve been working hard, and we Hope you’ll like it J

MSTRKRFT Live in Seattle

I was walking yesterday night in the streets of Seattle when I realized that MSTKFT was playing in Seattle this Thursday.


My favorite band of 2007…

What a good news.

If you don’t know MSTKFRFT, watch this insane Video  (Easy Love) and download their Essential Mix on BBC here, 2 hours of Electro Punk House.

Goodbye Microsoft France, Hello Microsoft Corp

Dear readers,

imageA short note to let you know that I’m leaving Microsoft France… to join Microsoft Corp, beginning next Monday (the day Bill Gates officially leaves operations, what a coincidence !). I’ll be working in the Emerging & Strategic Business team, founded and headed by Dan’l Lewinpartnering with startups around the world and working on the startup partner program.

It’s a brand  new challenge , after 3 intense and exciting years at Microsoft France, in the “Developers and Platform Evangelism” team.

I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world: For the last 3 years, I’ve had the chance and privilege to work with the best colleagues one can dream of (including bloggers like Clauer, Benjamin, Mitsu, Pierlag, Pascal, Laurent, thanks to all of them) but also collaborate with the most talented Software entrepreneurs of this country.  (Guys from Miyowa, Seemage, AS infor, Criteo, Screentonic, SquareClock, Advance-IT; Sinequa,  etc..).

Everyday at the Microsoft Technology Center, young software companies (often pre-revenues) come and meet potential clients, Tech experts from Microsoft, VCs, Business Angels, peers. We hosted the first  French Seedcamp, IE Club sessions,  launched the Software Academy.  There are many many people at Microsoft France working and helping young companies, nobody else in the industry does that and we are proud of it.

I’m gonna miss all of my partners (startups, VCs) and Colleagues, but the show must go on ! I’m moving on Thursday with wife and Kid. Ping me when you’re on the West coast !




(My 7 months old son, ready for the challenge)

Conference IE Club, l’histoire de GOTO Software

Nouvelle Conference IE Club le 5 Juin: Le Consumer Software

” Focus sur ces developpeurs/entrepreneurs français qui mettent leurs innovations dans les mains de millions d’utilisateurs”



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